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Saga Capsule Collection

Crystal Crescent Necklace Crystal Crescent Necklace Quick View

Crystal Crescent Necklace

$ 198.00

A mystical crescent holding thirteen crystal points. Cast in reclaimed brass on chunky sterling silver chain. Made in New York, NY and Frederick...
Crystal Power Necklace Crystal Power Necklace Quick View

Crystal Power Necklace

$ 298.00

The mightiest of crystal cluster necklaces, for when you need every ounce of power while presenting your newest project to your boss' boss' boss. ...
Crystal Dagger Necklace Crystal Dagger Necklace Quick View

Crystal Dagger Necklace

$ 160.00

This powerful necklace features a hand carved crystal point cast in reclaimed brass, on a long sterling silver chain. Made in New York, NY and Fre...
Crystal Cluster Necklace Crystal Cluster Necklace Quick View

Crystal Cluster Necklace

$ 140.00

A cluster of reclaimed brass crystals hang lightly on an ethereal sterling silver chain. Made in New York, NY and Frederick, MD.  Cluster length...
Crystal Cluster Ring Crystal Cluster Ring Quick View

Crystal Cluster Ring

$ 90.00

Small, but mighty. A cluster of brass crystals sit atop a sterling silver band.   Made in New York, NY and Frederick, MD.  A quarter acre of fores...
Elevate Ring Elevate Ring Quick View

Elevate Ring

$ 250.00

The Elevate Ring is dramatic and subtle all at once.  A striking green topaz gem is nestled between two reclaimed brass crystal clusters, all set ...

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